ENROLLMENT FORM -  Print out, complete & send to Hume 'n Resources - DEADLINE 7 days before Course Start Date.


Please register the below person(s) for the 3-Day HR Certificate Course held in  ________________________________   on ____________________.

                                                                                                                                                                City                                                  Dates

3-Day HRM Course Enrollment:

Registration fees below differ based on the HRCP certification preparation books you select, if any.  You can pay online with credit or debit card or PayPal at my website: https://www.humenresources.com/shop Prices on the web are higher as they include web transactions and service fees.

______ $ 995.00* (cash/check price) per participant for base course tuition ONLY (NO modules, course workbook or Google Docs are included in this

                 option) - attending course for professional development, to learn more about HRM, OR you already have textbook or modules    

                 Course Workbook Binder is ordered separately BELOW.   

______ $1,195.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition & HR Certification Preparation (HRCP) online/auditory modules, online practice tests at                                    HRCP.com (must have Internet access for all HRCP online products), HRCP Online Modules expire after 24 months, course workbook &

                Google Docs study resources.

____ $1,270.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition & HR Certification Preparation (HRCP) modules (5 printed books with  

                  online practice tests at HRCP.com), course workbook binder & Google Docs study resources. (must have Internet access for all online HRCP

                  products)  Must pay for shipping of printed modules (below)

______ $1,370.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition & HR Certification Preparation (HRCP) modules (5 printed books and online books with                                   auditory capability & online practice tests at HRCP.com), course workbook binder & Google Docs study resources.  (must have Internet access for

                 all HRCP online products & HRCP Online Modules expire after 24 months.  Must pay for shipping of printed modules (below)


               Enrollment is discounted for two (2) or more attendees from the same organization if registering at the same time and using the same

               payment method - Contact Hume ‘n Resources for discounted registration details:  435-649-6081 or franceshume@comcast.net

____$25.00 -  Shipping (cash/check price) REQUIRED for PRINTED HRCP modules-  covers shipping & handling fees to receive printed HRCP 

                          certification preparation modules. You must pay for shipping for HRCP printed modules - sent directly to you.


____ $75.00 -  (Cash/Check Price) - per participant for Course Workbook Binder (only need to pay for this separately if you chose $995.00 base

                               course tuition option)

____ $25.00 -  Shipping Fee (cash/check price) - if attending VIRTUALLY, REQUIRED for PRINTED course workbook binder                          


____ $75.00 -  (Cash/Check Price) - per participant for Practice Exam & Tips Class  (July students can arrange for a private exam at Hume 'n

                            Resources office in Park City.  November students will attend classroom exam at SLCC Sandy, November 10, 2020.)


                                                 REGISTRATION: Please Complete info below to Register for the 3-Day Course:

Participant Name(s):


Physical Shipping Address:

Email Address:

Phone #:            

____________ In Class Participant             OR           ______________Virtual Live Streaming Participant (pre-approved by Hume'n Resources)

_____ Currently Certified:  I have my  _________________ Certification

_____ If you give your permission for your contact information to be included on a class participant roster, please  put an “X” or initial  on the line provided. 

If taking a certification exam, list which one: ______________________________________________________    Date of your exam: _____________________

Send completed Enrollment Form to:  hnrcourse@gmail.com

Check: If paying by check, please enclose your check for $___________ for above participant(s) with this enrollment form and send to address below.  Check should be made payable to:  Hume 'n Resources  

Send completed Enrollment Form(s) and Payment Check to:

Hume ‘n Resources

HRM Certification Course

1962 Kidd Circle

Park City, UT  84098                                                  


                                                                         Hume ‘n Resources

Phone:  435-649-6081       Fax:  435-200-9945

Email:  franceshume@comcast.net 

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