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2023 Spring HR Certificate Course 

Celebrate our 25 years in business!

After 24 years in Park City, UT, Hume ‘n Resources has moved to a small ranch

in West Mountain (west of Payson), UT.   Our new non-profit foundation, LIFFT, will "lift"

and assist those in need to create a better life.


       Frances Hume received the first Utah Business 

                                  & SHRM "Lifetime Achievement Award"                                                     


           Frances's 45-year career in HR was featured in Lee Benson's column in the Deseret News


More Info about Some of Our Services  

  • HR Job Openings - Free Email Service

Since 1999, Hume 'n Resources has provided a HR Job Opening email service, free of charge, for HR professionals to share open HR positions to an extensive database of HR professionals. This service is provided to any HR person who wishes to send or receive information about open HR positions. Emails are sent out when there are open HR positions to share -- about once a week.  Emailed HR job openings are also listed on this website: Click on "HR Job Openings" tab to see current HR Job Openings.

- HR professionals who would like Hume 'n Resources to send out information about their organization's open HR position(s) -- not third parties -- should send an email to: with details about the HR job opening, description of the HR job, and instructions on how to apply for the HR open position.  Please copy and paste this info in an email. (No attachments or PDFs, please.)

- HR professionals who wish to receive HR Job Opening emails should send an email to:  to send us your request to have your email address added to our database.  Please provide a long-term, personal email address.


     *** NOTE: Individuals or businesses who are being paid as a third party or consultant for hire who wish to list a HR job opening, HR event or HR

                         Course/Class for marketing purposes, will be charged a fee of $50.00 for the email / website service.

                                      Contact:   or call 435-649-6081 for specific details.

  • HRM Professional Development


​       Spring and Fall HRM Certificate & HR Certification Preparation Courses

Each year for over 25 years, Hume 'n Resources offered HRM courses every Fall & Spring to assist current HR professionals as well as those who want to have a HR career.  


In celebration of Hume 'n Resources' 25-years in business and our new non-profit, LIFFT, we are offering a Spring 2023

3-Day HR Course and a 6-week half-day course sponsored by LIFFT, our Non-Profit. 


In celebration of Hume 'n Resources' 25-years in business and our non-profit, LIFFT, we are offering a 3-Day HR Course and a

6-week half-day course sponsored by LIFFT. 

6-Week Half-Day HR Course:  6 Wednesdays from 2:00-6:00 pm MDT, March 22 - April 26, 2023 

For Details and Enrollment, click here or on link below.

Link:  6-Week HR Course | humen-resources (

3-Day Intensive Course HR Course held on Wednesdays from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm May 10, 17, & 24, 2023. 

For Details and Enrollment, click here or on link below.

3-Day Intensive Course | humen-resources (

​​Frances Hume of Hume ‘n Resources has assisted thousands of HR professionals since 1997 successfully pass their certification exams as well as to become more confident and competent in their HR knowledge and skills. Certification exam pass rates for those who have taken her courses are among the highest nationally.  She has been a former instructor and Subject Matter Expert of SHRM (national) and has also written certification exam questions.  She assists students with skills to successfully pass the exam as well as covering relevant HR topics and best practices in her courses. Her 45 years in HR and Leadership will be put to work to assist you achieve your development goal(s). 

  • Individual Coaching and Development provided contact us for details


  • Onsite Training & Development for HR, Managers, Employees, Executives

Hume 'n Resources provides a full range of training and development courses to be taught onsite at your organization or can be done as a workshop or seminar.  Invite Hume 'n Resources to assist you in getting your message delivered on just about any HR topic:  corrective action, respect in the workplace, employment law training for managers, leadership topics, and business topics.   To see a few of our training courses:  Training Topics


**For a complete list of training and management development topics or to have us develop some training for your organization       



Contact Us:  435-649-6081   or  contact us


Our Services
  • ​HR Certification Preparation Courses

  • Keynote Speaker

  • HR Education & Professional Development

  • Leadership Development / Coaching

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Organizational Training & Development

  • Seminars & Workshops

  • Third-Party Investigations

  • HR Audits

  • Compensation Projects

  • HR Job Opening Emails

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