ENROLLMENT FORM -  Complete & send to Hume 'n Resources - DEADLINE - April 27, 2022 


*The only requirement to attend this 3-Day Course is that you must have been a registered participant in at least one of Hume 'n Resources HRM courses since 1997.


Please register the below person(s) for the 3-Day HR Certificate Seminar for Alumni held VIRTUALLY and in person by Hume 'n Resources / LIFFT HQ,                  5875 W. 11300 S., Payson, UT  84651  -- Dates:  May 11, 18, & 25, 2022

3-Day Alumni HR Seminar Enrollment:

Tuition fee is for the seminar. Amounts in green below are if tuition is paid by cash or check. 

You can pay online with credit, debit card or PayPal at our website: https://www.humenresources.com/shop

If paying online, the tuition amount is higher (online amounts listed in RED) as they include all web transaction and service fees charged by the providers.

______ $925.00 (cash/check price) per participant for 3-day seminar tuition (all 3 days)

______ $962.00 (Credit/Debit/PayPal) per participant for 3-day seminar tuition (all 3 days) & includes web transaction & services fees charged by providers.


_____ $650.00 (cash/check price) per participant for 2-Days    Dates:_____________________________   &  ______________________________

_____ $676.00 (Credit/Debit/PayPal) per participant for 2-Days Dates:_____________________________   &  ______________________________-- includes web transaction

                                         and services fees charged by providers.


_____ $325.00 (cash/check price) per participant for 1-Day      Date: _______________________________

_____ $338.00 (Credit/Debit/PayPal) per participant for 1-Day   Date: _______________________________   includes web transaction and services fees charged by


                                        REGISTRATION: Please Complete info below to Register for the Alumni 3-Day HR Seminar.

Participant Name(s):


Physical Shipping Address:

Email Address:

Phone #:            

____________ In Class Participant             OR           ______________Virtual Live Streaming Participant 

_____ Currently Certified:  I have my  _________________ Certification

_____ If you give your permission for your contact information to be included on a seminar participant roster, please put an “X” or initial on the line


If you are taking a certification exam, list which one: ___________________________________________    Date of your exam: _____________________

Send completed Enrollment Form to:  hnrcourse@gmail.com

Check: If paying by check, please enclose your check for $___________ for above participant(s) with this enrollment form and send to address below.  Check should be made payable to:  Hume 'n Resources  

 If sending a check, please Print and Send completed Enrollment Form(s) and Payment Check to:

Hume ‘n Resources

c/o Frances Hume

5875 W. 11300 S.

Payson, UT  84651                                                

                                                                         Hume ‘n Resources

Phone:  435-649-6081

Email:  hnrcourse@gmail.com