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ENROLLMENT DEADLINE:  Monday, August 26, 2019

5-Week HR CERTIFICATE COURSE (5 Tuesdays; 40 hours)

ENROLLMENT FORM - Print out, complete & send to Hume 'n Resources

 *SEATS ARE AVAILABLE - a Notification will be posted when class is 5 people from being full. 

5-Week Certificate Course EnrollmentPlease register the below person(s) for the 5-Week HR Certificate Course held 5 Tuesdays from September 3 - October 1, 2019, from 8:30 - 5:30 each day.

______ $ 925.00* (cash/check price) per participant for base course tuition ONLY (no modules, course workbook or Google Docs) - If you

             are attending course for professional development or to learn more about HRM, or if you already have a HRM Textbook or modules

             no additional course resources are included.

             Order the course workbook binder with Google Docs separately BELOW.  

              * If attending virtually, you will need to pay shipping for the printed course workbook. 

______ $1,170.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition, course workbook, course Google Drive study resources& HRCP online/auditory

              modules at (must have Internet access for all HRCP online products

____ $1,245.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition, course workbook & google Docs with great study resources, & HRCP printed 

              modules.  *Must pay for shipping of printed modules.  

______ $1,345.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition course workbook & Google Docs with great study resources & HRCP printed books

              and online books. *Must pay for shipping of printed modules. 

   ____ $25.00 -  Shipping Fee (cash/check price)REQUIRED for PRINTED HRCP modules - HRCP ships directly to you.

    ____ $75.00 - (Cash/Check Price) - per participant  Exam Class on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 5:30 - 9:15 pm, SLCC, Sandy Campus.

               Must attend in person!  Required for college credit student.

    ____ $75.00 -  (Cash/Check Price) - Course Workbook Binder (only need to pay for this separately if you chose $925.00 base course tuition option


    ____ $25.00 -  Shipping Fee (cash/check price) - if attending VIRTUALLY, REQUIRED for PRINTED course workbook binder 


                                                   REGISTRATION: Please Complete info below to Register for the 5-Week Course:

Participant's Name:


Physical Shipping Address:

Email Address:

Cell Phone #:

____________ In Class Participant             OR           ______________Virtual Participant (pre-approved by Hume'n Resources)

_____ Currently Certified:  I have my  _________________ Certification   

_____ please “X” or initial  on the line provided, if you give your permission for your contact information to be included on a class participant roster

Check: If paying by check, please enclose your check for $___________ for above participant(s) with this enrollment form and send to address below. 

Check should be made payable to:  Hume ‘n Resources  

Send completed Enrollment Form(s) and Payment Check (if applicable) to:

Hume ‘n Resources

HRM Certification Course

1962 Kidd Circle

Park City, UT  84098                                                          

                                                                                                           Hume ‘n Resources

Phone:  435-649-6081       Fax:  435-200-9945


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