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3-Day Global HR Certificate Course

3-Day Global Course - ENROLLMENT FORM  (Print out, complete & send)

Please register the below person(s) for the Global Professional in Human Resource Management Certificate Course. 


This course will be beneficial for those working in a multi-national organization or for those wishing to review key topics for the GPHR certification exam.  Key functional global HR areas to be covered are:   Strategic HR Management, Global Compensation & Benefits, Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility, Talent Management & Organizational Development, Workforce Relations & Risk Management. 

Dates:  To Be Determined    (If you have some dates in mind, please contact us:

Time:   8:30 am - 5:30 pm daily 

Place:    Hume 'n Resources' office* or Virtually through WebEx live online classroom - based on COVID-19 restrictions 


3-Day Global HRM Certificate Course Registration:

______ $1,445.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition, International textbook, practice questions and course workbook.

                            *If using credit card or PayPal, the price is $1,495.00, includes Web service & transaction fees.  Go to "SHOP" link above or Click Here

______ $995.00* (cash/check price) per participant for tuition - if you are attending Global Certificate course for learning or professional development, you do

                           NOT need the international textbook or practice questions.   

                             *If using credit card or PayPal, the price is $1,032.00 - includes Web service & bank transaction fees.  Go to "SHOP" link above or Click Here


* Enrollment is discounted for two (2) or more attendees from the same organization - call 435-649-6081 for details.

______ $25.00 - Shipping of printed textbook & course workbook – Cash/Check Price* - Shipping & Handling  

                           If you ordered & paid for Cert. Prep. modules & textbook, you must pay for shipping to get these materials.     

                                           *If paying by credit card or PayPal, the price is $28.00 - includes web service & bank transaction fees. Go to "SHOP" link above or Click Here                            

- Discounted registration if there are two (2) or more people registering from the same organization  (please contact Hume ‘n Resources for details if paying by check).  If paying by credit card, select the correct option for # of people attending on the "SHOP" link


Please Complete info below to Register for Global HR Course:


Participant Name(s):


Shipping Address:


Email Address:

Phone #:

_____ Currently Certified:  I have my  _________________ Certification.

_____ If you plan to take the GPHR certification exam, please put an "X" in the box provided.

_____ If you give your permission for your contact information to be included on a class participant roster, please  put an “X” or initial  on the line provided. 

Check: If paying by check, please enclose your check for $_____________ for above participant(s) with this enrollment form and send to address below.  Check should be made payable to:  Hume ‘n Resources  

Credit Card/PayPal: To pay by credit card or PayPal, go to the top of this Web page and click on the "SHOP" link.  (service & transaction fees are included in prices listed)  Please print this enrollment form and send to Hume 'n Resources by mail or scan and attach to an email:  

     NOTE: Refund will only be given if cancellation is received 30 days prior to the first class of the course. No refund if cert prep modules are opened or if cert prep online registration has been completed.

Send completed Enrollment Form(s) and Payment Check (if applicable) to:

Hume ‘n Resources

GPHR Certification Course

5875 W. 11300 S. 

Payson, UT  84651                                                          

                                                                                                    Hume ‘n Resources

                                                                                                           Phone:  435-649-6081


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